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For the small to medium business, Red Gap’s Hosted PBX service is a powerful and flexible, cost-effective solution for delivering big-office features without the big phone system costs. Red Gap’s service is great for companies with single or multi-office locations, executives on the move, or a sales team that spends more time out of the office than in it. All services are maintained over the web, so adding, deleting, or changing your solution is as easy as point and click.

If you have your own high-quality Internet bandwidth or a Red Gap Guaranteed bandwidth product we can provide you with a Red Gap phone system without you having to buy a phone system at all! (Cisco selection of phones)

  • All the features of a big PBX without
    the capital and maintenance costs
  • Free moves/adds/changes
  • Your employees can work from anywhere (remote offices, home, executive suites)
  • Save money on local and long distance
  • You control how you grow - not
    your PBX
  • Easy to add / delete users and features



  • Hosted PBX Service
  • Local Phone Numbers
    (all DIDs regardless of location)
  • Cisco IP Phones
  • Voicemail and Automated attendant
  • Unlimited Domestic Calling*
  • Conference Calling Capabilities
  • Web Portal Phone Management
    (each user)

*Restrictions apply

  • High quality bandwidth or Red Gap Guaranteed bandwidth product
  • High quality TCP/IP routers
    (Red Gap can provide)
  • High quality ethernet switches
    (Red Gap can provide)
  • A willing IT staff
  • Warm bodies